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Review: The IYF 1994
The International Year of the Family, 1994, was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly, in its resolution 44/82 of 9 December 1989.
The theme of the Year is "Family: resources and responsibilities in a changing world".
Its motto: "Building the Smallest Democracy at the Heart of Society".
In proclaiming the Year, the General Assembly decided that the major activities for its observance should be concentrated at the local, regional and national levels, assisted by the United Nations system.
The United Nations Commission for Social Development was designated the preparatory body and the Economic and Social Council as the coordinating body for the Year.
The objectives of IYF are to stimulate local, national and international action as part of a sustained long-term effort to:
  Increase awareness of family issues among Governments as well as in the private sector. IYF would serve to highlight the importance of families; increase a better understanding of their functions and problems; promote knowledge of the economic,social and demographic processes affecting families and their members; and focus attention upon the rights and responsibilities of all family members;
Strengthen national institutions to formulate, implement and monitor policies in respect of families;
Stimulate efforts to respond to problems affecting, and affected by, the situation of families;
Enhance the effectiveness of local, regional and national efforts to carry out specific programmes concerning families by generating new activities and strengthening existing ones;
Improve the collaboration among national and international non-governmental organizations in support of multi-sectoral activities;
Build upon the results of international activities concerning women, children, youth, the aged, the disabled as well as other major events of concern to the family or its individual members.
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